1-Who is Millennium Appliances?

Millennium Electronics sl, is a company registered in the Mercantile Recorded Murcia with CIB: B73060535.


We administer the Web: www.milenioelectrodomesticos.es


 Millennium Electronics sl company, engages in the sale of appliances, telephony and technology.


Millennium Electronics sl been providing its services for sales and distribution of the first brands of appliances in the area of ​​Mar Menor and Murcia community, this is not by chance, but rather by the bet from management to the last employee is made by continuous improvement in both service to its customers as at care of your after-sales service.


We are a company with over 15 years experience and are associated with a leading European group, Euronics.


In 2004 an ambitious expansion plan was initiated by the town of Los Alcazares, meeting today under full growth and development, with two facilities (the first in the Mercadona shopping center in the town of Los Narejos, the second No Avda of freedom: 72d, in the town of Los Alcazares Murcia).


In summary Millennium Electronics sl, is defined as a dynamic young company that adapts to changes in their environment and clear commitment to offer the best service to its customers.


2-¿7 Reasons to Shop at Millennium Appliances?


                 2.1) SHIPPING BY TRANSPORT AGENCY 24/72 HOURS

  In Millennium Appliances perform the delivery of your order within 24-72 hours by transit agency, making a personalized monitoring of each order to address any issues that may arise and will always keep you informed of your order status.


             2.2) WARRANTY

  Appliances Millennium has wide range of appliances and all with the official guarantee each manufacturer


             2.3) LOW PRICES

We have qualified staff enabling us to offer the customer at all times very low prices, coupled with our high volume of purchases the suppliers, allows us to buy at very competitive prices


            2.4) SAFETY IN YOUR SHOPPING


We have payment gateway for credit card / debit card, so that only your bank receives the payment information and're assured that your transactions are made on a secure server.


As security accounts with payment by bank transfer


            2.5) EXPERT ADVICE


Our call center is open Monday to Saturday, 10 to 14 and from 17 to 20.00


Our team is at your service to help you choose the best appliances for your home, resolving all doubts before purchasing call 968 17 17 71.


Also if you want we can advise via email milenioelectrodomesticos@gmail.com


Every day more customers rely on us to equip their homes.




We service installation and removal of your appliances in the Los Alcazares and nearby towns. Millennium Appliances performs the delivery of your appliances, goes to the floor if necessary whenever it easy to transport the appliance to its assigned site access., It installs and withdraws old appliances, all with the best professionals specialized in the transport of goods, with the best care and treatment they deserve. We want to make things easier and you will not have to bother about anything.


See the Terms of Service (Item 8)




Unlike many online stores, Millennium Appliances has physical store located in Los Alcazares, so we know the needs of our customers, we deal with them every day and respond to any incident that may arise.


3-¿Milenio Appliances is a safe store?

Millennium Electronics sl, is a company registered in the Mercantile Recorded Murcia with CIB: B73060535.

We guarantee the highest quality in your purchase. Our tools for online purchase are equipped with the best security systems to ensure customer a safe buy. Your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Our qualified staff offers maximum safety in the process.

4-¿Garantías product?

All our products are marketed by Millennium Appliances feature, with 2 years manufacturer's warranty and can be exclusions or limitations of each manufacturer. By law 23/2003 of Guarantees in Consumer Goods. The invoice we send is the guarantee that must be filed with the official manufacturer's service.

The general conditions of the warranty offered by the manufacturer depends on the product and the requirements established by him, not being invalidated if any of the following factors or those of the manufacturer:

 - The product has been tampered with or repaired by personnel or technical centers not authorized by the manufacturer.

 - The problem or product failure is due to shipping, misuse, failure to follow instructions on the product itself, inadequate facilities, poor voltage or use of incompatible accessories.

 - The lack of proof of purchase of the product sent by Millennium Appliances

 - Power supply problems due to surges, disasters, fires, floods ...

 For any manufacturing problem or malfunction, the client should use for repair technical assistance center authorized by the manufacturer. Millennium Appliances may not take any action without prior assessment of the official service. Millennium Appliances put you in touch if you want our Customer Service manufacturer in each case. Send us an email to milenioelectrodomesticos@gmail.com or call us at 968 17 17 71 and we will be happy to help.


5- How can I locate and contact Millennium Appliances?

Our online store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can talk to our staff during business hours.

We have physical store in the town of Los Alcázares- Murcia, where you can pick up their orders at no shipping cost. You can visit if you like and check our low price offers.


Phone: 968 17 17 71

Customer Service Hours Monday to Saturday (except holidays):

10: 00h to 14:00

17: 00h 20:00

Address: Avenida de La Libertad number: 72d (near the Rambla and Banco Popular) Los Alcazares Murcia 30710

Email: milenioelectrodomesticos@gmail.com


If you purchased in our online store and ask the store pickup your order, please contact us before your visit to ensure that the product is now available in store.

6- How to order?

Find your product, keep it in the shopping cart, select the form sent, please arrange payment and meta data name, address etc. Remember to review your product thoroughly before checkout. For any questions please contact our team and we will help you complete your order.


7-¿Formas payment?

Milenioelectrodomesticos.es offers different payment methods:

Bank Transfer: We provide a bank account number so you can make the transfer.

You can make a bank transfer using this account number in Caja Murcia:

                                    ES66 0487 0098 33 2000514760

When making a bank transfer us the bank receipt to expedite the process by email to milenioelectrodomesticos@gmail.com. If the product is in stock to 24/48 hours of receiving your transfer will have their product available in our store.

MILLENNIUM should put as beneficiary and the concept ELECTRONICA the order number that will indicate by email. This option has no additional expense except that could charge its own entity you if necessary.

 On the other hand, if the amount of the transfer is not received within a period of 48 hours the order would be canceled. This option represents a delay of 24-48 hours for delivery due to handling process transfers can be no delays when transferring from the entity of Caja Murcia.


Physical store: Visit our store in Los Alcazares, located at Avenida de La Libertad No: 72d, next to La Rambla and Banco Popular. Collect your product. Remember to make payment in advance.

Credit / debit cards:

 You can pay your order by credit card or debit card. Since we work with very low margins to offer the best prices this payment option is an additional fee of 0.7% of the total order, which will be calculated during the checkout process.


8-¿Transporte and free installation in Los Alcazares and nearby towns?

Delivery is free only for major appliances that are detailed below: washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, freezers, hobs and air conditioning in Los Alcazares and nearby towns, including: San Javier, La Ribera, Roda, San Pedro del Pinatar, Lo Pagan, Torre Pacheco, La Puebla, Dolores de Pacheco, Los Urrutias, El Carmoli, Estrella del Mar. For other cities or towns, see our rates sent by transport agency.

For the rest of that product not reflected here take out an additional cost in the case of delivery to your door.


Installation is FREE for large appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers), on the same day that he take her home and into the area which includes free delivery.

 The installation is not performed in the following appliances:

Important: No ovens, hobs, water heaters, heaters, air conditioning, and no modular electronics are installed.

In the case of integrated dishwasher (the door is not installed in the integrated dishwasher).

In the case of the direction of the door of the refrigerator or freezer does not.

No plumbing works and gas handling are made.

The customer must ensure that the product has reached you in perfect condition with original packaging without any damage, so if the client detects any anomaly or defect must be mentioned in the delivery note. It has 24 hours to claim any damage as a coup, bolladura or scratches or lack of materials or accessories. After these 24 hours of order delivery returns or claims for physical defects will not be accepted.

We enable collection of old appliance when you make your purchase in areas including the free distribution.


9-¿Tipos shipping, costs, and time of arrival?

Thanks to our collaboration with the transport company nationwide, we offer the lowest prices on freight. Use our tool to calculate shipping costs

All our products are shipped by transit agency throughout the peninsula (not included, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

Once we have confirmation of your payment we will send the order in 24/72 hours if the customer chooses by transport agency, for other types of consulting sent later.


                                 If payment is made by credit card or due, we will confirm your payment past 24/48 hours.
                                 If payment is made by bank transfer the average period to receive confirmation of payment is 24 / 48h.



We have 3 types sent:

-1 Pickup store.

Send -2 free in Los Alcazares and nearby towns.

-3 Sent by transport agency

-1.Recogida Store

If you are able and you prefer, you can select "Store pickup" when you place your order, this way you can pick up your order at our physical store in Los Alcazares and save shipping costs.

Important: Before visiting our store, please contact us to ensure that the product is already available in the store to pick up. The store pickup option can be a delay of 1 to about 3 days.

You must bring proof of the order placed on the website which will be sent to your email once made. All orders must be paid online, online payments orders are not accepted in the physical store in Los Alcazares.

- 2.SENDING FREE in Los Alcazares and nearby towns.

Shipping + Installation + Removing the old appliance: Our company will take care of sending + installation, if included + withdrawal if requested within 1-7 additional days at no charge within the municipality of Los Alcazares and populations Nearby.

It -3.Envió for Transport Agency:

Deliveries at home. 24/72 hours. Express transportation company leader in the delivery of parcels and courier. No deliveries are made on weekends.

 Important, if the payment order is made by bank transfer or deposit account the delivery note from receipt of the order amount in the account assigned by Millennium Appliances.

If you purchased in our online store and ask the store pickup your order, please contact us before your visit to ensure that the product is already available in store



 - All delivery times and product availability are approximate and work as efficiently for their fulfillment, sometimes we can not avoid possible delays beyond Millennium Appliances (availability of manufacturer, bugs, strikes, transport incidents, etc.) No takes into account weekends.

 - If your order contains more than one product may be the case that you receive in one or several installments, always within the same time limits specified. If you would like to receive all goods ordered at once please contact us on 968 17 17 71 or via email milenioelectrodomesticos@gmail.com

Important: The customer must verify that the product has arrived in perfect condition with original packaging without any damage, if the client detects any anomaly or defect must be mentioned in the delivery note. It has 24 hours to claim any damage as a coup, bolladura or scratches or lack of materials or accessories. After these 24 hours of order delivery returns or claims for physical defects will not be accepted.


 10-What happens if a product arrives in poor condition?

Upon receipt of your order should review before the dealer goes, if a product arrives in poor condition, exterior damage, bolladura or broken, it must be mentioned in the carrier's delivery note and contact us before 24h and we will arrange solve the problem quickly.

In that case, Millennium Appliances, will send back a product in perfect condition by removing the product hit.

REMEMBER: It is important to check the product upon receipt because you within 24 hours to communicate the issue.


11-What if I do not want the product upon receipt, returns and right of withdrawal?


The Customer is entitled to cancel the Contract, without having to justify its decision within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the time you receive your order. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must contact MILLENNIUM ELECTRONICA, SL to indicate his decision to withdraw. You can do this by contacting the customer service department via phone 968 171771 or via e electrónicomilenioelectrodomesticos@gmail.com


When returning the product, the customer bears the cats Shipping (return) of the product to our warehouse and proceed to pay the total amount less the concept in the event that the appliance is in perfect condition.

If you select free shipping in the town of Los Alcazares and nearby towns demeanor collection which is 25 € will be charged.



Depending on the method selected to process the order delivery, you must deliver the product well in his address to the transport company designated electronic or Goals in the shop where he got to buy it, you bear the direct cost of returning product.


In all returns, and once received the product at our facilities, the article carefully examined by our technical team. If it is found that the product is in the same condition as it was delivered to the Customer, Customer electronics Millennium restore the full price paid to buy the product, except as provided above regarding shipping.


May not be used in any case of withdrawal right product without the original packaging in good condition and properly sealed or used products.



Any obligation of restitution of benefits (the product and customer Part Price by electronic Goals) shall be made within a period of 14 calendar days, counting, their Clients, from the moment communicate electronically Millennium exercise your right of withdrawal and regarding electronic Goals from the time that having been notified of the withdrawal in the form and receive the returned product within their facilities.


12-¿Condiciones sale?

These general conditions of contract expressly regulate the relations arising between Millennium Electronics SL, CIF B-73060535, domiciled for tax purposes in C / Manuel Acedo No: 165 CP: 30710, Los Alcazares, Murcia (hereinafter MILLENNIUM APPLIANCES) and you (hereinafter USER).

The use by the user of the website and the purchase of any products, implies full and unreserved whatsoever, for each of the clauses of the General Conditions of Sale acceptance.

 The prices of all products offered in our online store www.milenioelectrodomesticos.es include VAT and other taxes (WEEE). Prices are valid in our online shop, not valid in our physical stores. These prices are valid making the payment by bank transfer. Card payments will increase by 0.7%. These percentages are always calculated on the total order. In case of return or cancellation the amount to be returned does not include the fees charged by different payment methods. Millennium Electronics sl reserves the right to change, at any time and without notice, the prices shown on the web due to changes in rates provider, offers or otherwise.

MILLENNIUM APPLIANCES reserves the right to decide at all times, products and services offered to the USERS through the portal. MILLENNIUM APPLIANCES also reserves the right to cease providing access at any time and without notice, any of the products shown on the website.

In the case of a typographical error occurs in any of the prices or products shown and a USER's decision to purchase based on that error, MILLENNIUM APPLIANCES inform the USER that error and the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase without any cost part.